Every year, Dr. Rob Britton visits Münster to do a traditional fireside chat with the Circle of Excellence in Marketing (CEM) members. The event occurred comfortably and casually in the café „Herr Sonnenschein.“ Rob had done his homework. During a stopover on his way to Germany, he reviewed all participants‘ CVs. He kept in mind some facts that aroused his interest and that, after introducing all guests with a warm welcome, he was curious to learn more about from the respective person. Afterward, he shared his inspiring list of ten golden rules that he learned and developed over the cause of his career as a managing director of advertising and marketing planning at American Airlines. Filled with lighthearted examples and curious discussions, he guided the participants through the evening. The event ended with casual conversations in smaller groups where the participants got in touch with each other and the CEM advisors. They posed some more questions to Rob or recommended the best place in Münster to eat Grünkohl – Rob’s favorite dish in German winter. We thank Rob for traveling to Münster and look forward to welcoming him again next year.